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SEM: an Indispensable Marketing Tool

Chinese Search Engine Marketing exhibited strong momentum with its Ad revenue reached 79 billion yuan, around 12 billion USD, in 2016. Search engine has already permeated into the daily life of Chinese netizens. By Dec 2016, the scale of use...

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SEM(search engine marketing) is paid search used to direct traffic to websites when the ad is clicked. Baidu is the largest search engine in China, holding about 80.5% share of the Chinese search market. For foreign businesses who start doi...

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Wolf Warrior II tells SEM unqiueness in China

"Wolf Warrior II”, a Chinese Movie, heated up Chinese box office by hitting 100 million yuan in 4 hours after its first debut last month. Less than85 hours, it raked in a staggering 1 billion yuan! The Movie topped the world box office inc...

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