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Live Video plus E-commerce=Chemical Effect?

In China, the new business mode of live video plus e-commerce has been praised highly by the young generation. On the 100th days of the launch of Taobao Live Streams, the online celebrity, Zhang Dayi conducted a live show of his new products...

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How Virtual Scene Marketing Retain Preference of Users

Virtual Reality Marketing has become a new fashion for e-retailors as people are more closely related in the era of social media. E-retailors will design some special scenes to stimulate their targeting customers to make buying decisions. ...

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Tap into Your New Gold Mine—Mini-program of WeChat

WeChat Mini-program is a B2C portal that offers a platform for some premium quality service suppliers. As it is designed for time saving, users can access the service programs directly from WeChat without any application installation....

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A Retrospect of Mobile Payment in China

Fumble your mobile phone in your pocket or bag, scan the QR code, and take your goods or service, this is the most common buying procedure you will see in today’s supermarket, shopping mall, restaurant, and even vegetable market. However, ...

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Learn Online-Celebrity Economy via a Husky

When it comes to the most popular dog on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter, Coco Wang, a pet husky of Wang Sicong who is the son of the wealthiest man in China, must be the one. Her master’s lavish way of life, humorous way of talking, and the id...

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What Live Video brings to E-commerce?

In China, the new business mode of live video plus e-commerce has been praised highly by the young generation....

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Has the Self-service Retail Era Arrived?

What hotter than the sweltering summer of 2017 is China’s self-service stores becoming the focus of media. In the beginning two runners acquired CNY 30 million and 100 million of financing respectively, and then Tao Café of Alibaba, a sel...

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