A Measuring Instrument Brand of World Top 500- Integrated Ma

  • n  Background and Challenges: the Client is a leading brand of measuring instrument, as a World Top 500 company, it wants to sustain and promote its brand image and at the same time shorten sales process to generate more leads. Challenges: (1) The Marketplace is full of local brands with low price. Its uncompetitive price stops the customers from better knowing the strengths of the products and brand; (2) Distributers comprise the major channels for sales, and customers’ buying habits are too persistent to be changed. 
  • n  Optimization Scheme: integrated engagement marketing (experiential marketing), knowledge contribution and sharing, and game marketing to formulate the marketing strategy, and integrated channels of vertical media, SNS, public news media, forums, and EDM30+ to improve coverage scope and marketing effects.
  • Optimization Effect: the website can acquire 1.5 million of traffic per year, and generate more than 6000 sales leads. In addition, yearly increase rate keeps at 10%