A World Top 500 Measuring Instrument Producer – Weibo Marke

  • Background and Challenge: the Client is a leading brand of measuring instrument, as a World Top 500 company, it wants to sustain and promote its brand image and at the same time shorten sales process to generate more leads. Challenges: (1) International Brands impress the public with the sense of distance; (2) The majority of users consider the price is high; (3) The tedious work content is regarded as a drag for spreading.
  • Optimization Scheme: to introduce the products as telling a story to engage the customers; to create topics as planned and make hot topics. To capture target audience with useful knowledges and friendly service.
  • Optimization Effect: attracted 140,000 followers in 4 years; Re-posts and comments surged from a few hundreds to over 10 thousands per year.