What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a way for brands to directly communicate with their targeting demographics. As the fundamental purpose for businesses is to build brand image and drive sales, social media can help you to have in-depth communication with your potential customers in an opened way and maximize the effectiveness of your client-relationship network.
CDRS, a group of experts for social media marketing, has over 11 years of experience serving the World Top 500 companies. CDRS is dedicated to help brands to achieve their marketing objectives with its accurately matched strategies and abundant and valuable experience.
2 Ways of Social Media Marketing
Official Account Operation
Create your official account and voice to the public;
Feed advertising
 Feed in ads to capture your targeting audience;

Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing in China?

Large MAU(monthly active users): Wechat has 89 M+MAU and Sina Weibo has 34 M+ MAU. They are the two biggest social network platforms in China. People talk, vote, follow hot topics and share their moments there.
KOL: KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) are influential and can easily reach customers and recommend their products through Weibo marketing.
Viral Spreading: Brand awareness is increased and spreading through self-replicating viral processes - by word of mouth or the network effects.
Direct Communication with Consumers: The interactivity of social media allows brands to frequently engage with their targeting audience which not only build affinity but also enhance trust from clients. Some clients will feedback instantaneously, so by repose in real time brands can create a positive circle that facilitates sales.   
To integrate with mobile E-commerce: both WeChat and Weibo embedded shopping functions, so you can sell your products directly via shopping channels on social media.


CDRS Can Help

Chinese digital marketing experts with rich experience in Sina Weibo advertizing
CDRS can help you to formulate optimal marketing strategies and manage the account with our decade-long successful experience.
In-depth understanding of Chinese consumers
CDRS can help you to capture the attention of your targeting audience in China

We Offer

Operation Strategy
Tailored and exclusive operation planning for WeChat.
Building WeChat Public Accounts/Official Weibo Account
Offer potent interactivity design and manage account as proxy during whole marketing period.
Content Marketing
Post original contents to improve spreading effects.
Video-clip Marketing
Capture more attentions with the most trendy form of ad.
l  Activity Marketing
Integrate online campaigns with offline activities to intensify interaction with consumers.
l  Innovative Marketing Solutions
Achieve the maximum spreading effect with the most cutting-edge technology.
l  New Media Marketing
Promote brands, products, or service by premium KOL resources.
l  Data Analysis
Formulate future guidelines on the grounds of data feedback from operation.
l  Feeds Ad
Vast user base and accurate targeting group capturing.