What is SEM

SEM(search engine marketing) is paid search used to direct traffic to websites when the ad is clicked.
Baidu is the largest search engine in China, holding about 80.5% share of the Chinese search market. For foreign businesses who start doing digital marketing and target the Chinese market, Baidu is an indispensable channel that shall never be neglected.


Why Do You Need SEM Service in China?

  Largest Search Engine in China: Baidu is the dominant search engine in China, accounting for 80.5% market share among all search engines in China.
  Different from Google: There are many differences between Baidu and Google in terms of account setup, management, and optimization, and that is what CDRS can help.

CDRS Can Help

  Local marketing experts with over 10 years of experience in SEM
CDRS can help you to formulate optimal marketing strategies and manage the account based on our rich experience.
  In-depth understanding of Chinese consumers
CDRS can help you to reach out to thousands of millions of target audience in China

We Offer

  Account setup
Set up account and optimize account structure;
  Marketing strategies and analytics
Develop customized marketing strategies based on marketing objectives and in-depth research into your industry, and provide data analysis;
  Keyword Research
Add more keywords, match the topics your audience seek, and boost your online pay per click sales.
  Copy-writing and content production
Create compelling content to capture the attentions of your target audience;
  Ongoing account management
Constantly tweak bidding price to maximize return on investment;
  Weekly/monthly/yearly reports;