Integrated Marketing in China

What is integrated marketing?

Integrated marketing is a marketing strategy that stresses the importance of a consistent, seamless, multi-dimensional brand experience for the consumer. It is the holistic approach to communication in marketing. The key is to make it consistent in both online and offline marketing. Integrated marketing is a marketing strategy that offer a whole package of approaches to marketing communication which enables consistent, seamless, and comprehensive user experience to the brands.   

Why You Need Integrated Marketing?

The marketers need to combine the limited resources and budget to maximize the overall marketing performance. Marketing strategies, channels, and operation shall integrate with service:

  Multi-channel: Integrated marketing incorporates various channels, including social media, paid search and organic search, press release, offline event, and public relations etc.
  Effective & efficient: Integrated marketing is the most effective approach that leverages your resources and yields the best results.


CDRS Can Help

l  Local marketing experts with rich experience in integrated marketing.  Marketing experts in China with decade-long successful experience in integrated marketing.
CDRS can help you formulate overall marketing strategies and analysis based on our rich experience. CDRS will review and analyze your case and help you to formulate a whole set of marketing strategies to pave your way to success in China.
l  In-depth understanding of Chinese consumers. Profound insight of Chinese consumer. 
CDRS can help you reach out to thousands of millions of target audience in China CDRS can help you to effortlessly capture your targeting demographic from over 1.3 billion people in China.

We Offer

  Digital marketing analysis and planning
Provide overall marketing audit report, analyzing the market, brand, products and customers, and make overall plan; Provide systematic analysis regarding market environment, brand, product, and customers, and then formulate a guiding plan;  
  Marketing strategies and action plans
Develop customized marketing strategies and action plans in terms of marketing objectives, and conduct in-depth research into your industry, and provide data analysis;
  Copy-writing and content producing
Write engaging content to capture your target audience;
  Ongoing account management & tracking
Constantly monitor the account and control the budget to maximize return on investment;
Keep tracking the performance;
l  Weekly/monthly/yearly reports;