The Rise of Social KOL(Key Opinion Leader)marketing in China

When talking about China, it is not only about different market or unheard but giant digital platforms; the influencer marketing here is beyond your vision too and deserves more attention. It's called KOL not as in Kardashian but key opinion leaders. This article embroiders on KOLs of Weibo & Wechat -- The two biggest social platforms in China.
Weibo, as an internet communication and exhibition platform, attracts plenty of celebrities, also turns many grassroots into key opinion leaders. Varying in quantity of fans and the capability of influence, the KOL on Weibo can be categorized as big V. (very important person), medium V, and small V. Traditional well-known media, public intellectuals and celebrities are undoubtedly big V., though medium V. and V. small own fewer influence comparatively, the large quantity of them features in vertical fields such as cosmetics, maternal & child, and gourmet.
In the context of consumption upgrade, favorable policy of Weibo and fans economy, the KOLs characterize their Weibo brand via differentiated and featured content, earning the trust from enormous fans first, then monetizing traffic to e-commerce, advertising, and paid content. 
For instance, the cosmetic KOL Zhangmofan (in Chinese: 张沫凡), with seven million followers on Weibo, sells and advertises her own cosmetic brand. Even the post is apparently advertisement sometimes, it harvests thousands of comments and likes. As she mentioned,”My total turnover in 2017 has achieved RMB 150 million, 65% of which is from Weibo, according to the traffic sources. ”Weibo provides online & offline promotion opportunities for medium & small V. like Zhangmofan, such as Fans Carnival and Super KOL Festival, which offer better recommended position on feeds stream, as well as discount on ads purchase.  
Compared to Weibo, Wechat is a more enclosed social platform, with more than 900 million users. WeChat supports users who wish to register as an official account, which enables them to push feeds, such as news or gossips, to subscribers, interact with subscribers and provide them with services. There are two types of official accounts: a service account, a subscription account.
Amount of followers and feeds readings are the two most important metrics in terms of KOL influence, which seems cannot satisfy nowadays advertisers who increasingly cling to adapted marketing model that combines their product positioning and the KOL fans’ hobbies or personal favors, which is easier for conversion. 
For example, the fashion KOL Rebecca’s official Wechat account Rebecca’s World (n Chinese:黎贝卡的异想世界) , own 2.38 million followers. It has hit the record in a collaboration with MINI Cooper in July 2017. One hundred MINI YOURS Caribbean Blue Limited Edition cars were sold in only 4 minutes, and transaction were completed in fifty minutes. The impressive marketing capability was totally beyond expectation of MINI brand team. 
Source: Wechat official account Rebecca’s  World (Chinese:黎贝卡的异想世界)
KOL, as a fresh means of marketing, projects the merits of social media in coverage and influence, making itself an effective and efficient option in marketing activities in the future.