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Negative views has accompanied WeChat Take-a-glance since its launching: many people considered the trial is a total failure as its feeds can hardly arise people’s interests. As the strong development momentum exhibited by its competitors: Headline Today and Daily Express, the time left for WeChat Take-a-glance is so tight.
The Predecessor


Before the launching of Take-a-glance, there was an inserted app called ‘Hot Articles of Moments‘ which content covered three sections including ‘what your friends are reading’, ‘Broadcaster already followed’, and news of science and technology. It allowed the users to be more efficient to gain the latest information. However, nowadays there is a trend: though we have more followed public accounts we have less interest to read the articles they released; though we have more friends in our friends list, we feel more boring about the information from Moments. In this case we miss some high-quality contents. So it seems necessary to devise a product that can both arise user’s interest and make information acquiring more efficient.  
For Headline Today and Daily Express, they tend to orient themselves toward the direction of entertainment, not purely a content platform. 
How can WeChat break free

Referring to its present performance, the Take-a-glance has a fat chance to defeat Headline Today, and even worse the reading volume of WeChat public accounts may keep declining. In addition, as regulations over contents releasing in China have become more and more strict and users are not easy to be acquired, more start-ups that specialized in content creating may be forced out of the market. Under such circumstance, how can WeChat break free?
First of all, find solutions to boost open rate. WeChat still has enough space to make improvement. From statistics, its content subscription sector boasts higher reading volume than the Moments. ‘The what your friends are reading’ functions as a filter to screen out junks and keep the essence content.’ The Broadcasters already followed’ can display the user-interested contents in the form of Feeds which saves the troubles of having to open each independent public accounts. ‘The science and technology news’ can help to obtain valuable information from the whole network without any restrictions on information channels.
Secondly, on the grounds of WeChat big data, it won’t be difficult for Take-a-glance to accurately recommend a certain number of articles in terms of users’ interests and reading habits. By doing this, it can not only improve the adhesiveness of users, but to attract more content writers to form a virtuous cycle.