Values that Work-place Apps Brought Us

Social Networking Service for business and employment boasts high registration amounts as it is vertical to the field of social communication. Due to its insights into the pain points of Chinese style of social communication, Maimai (an app) developed a digitalized interpersonal connection network which realized a registration of 30 million. LinkedIn, the world largest ‘professional’ network has a user-base larger than 500 million.

Development and value of workplace social communication
Value of interpersonal network: firstly, it enables us to gain industrial and market insights via workplace social communication platform; and secondly, it can enlarge interpersonal connection.
The social platform allows users from the same industry to communicate and exchange ideas thus they will keep broadening their horizon. At the same time, users can acquaint friends’ friends by sharing their own connections.


Contents: as a social platform, to engage users we shall not only depend on social relationship chain, but also to create more compelling contents. For example, Maimai has evolved itself into a SNS. When users select their field of profession in Maimai, they will access to a large amount of related contents with no interference at all, and for this innovation no other SNS apps in China can catch up with.
Conversion: Consider using the features of workplace social platform to your advantage and giving your profile a professional makeover, you would be able to realize your business objectives.
Now recruitment has become one of the income conversion sources, for example, LinkedIn, its recruitment income has already accounted for half of its total revenue; and Maimai, with its strong ability to accurately provide users’ ID and profession, allows advertisers to precisely capture their target audience.  
As the demand for workplace social platforms is incrementally increasing, the social platforms will continuously align contents with workplace social scenes to seek more valuable and profitable service.