Emoticons!That's What the Post-95s Paid for

There was a saying: ‘the World is ours, yet it is ultimately belonged to the youth.’ Your insights into the Chinese youth will decide whether you can grasp the on-going decade-long opportunity of marketing.  
As the new drive engine of consumption, the post-95s are the original inhabitants of the Internet who from the infant stage of it till now have been benefiting from the diversification of recreation and social communication.  What is their concept of consumption? Let’s probe into it from the perspective of their preference for social communication and consumption.
Preference for social communication: 290 million of post-95s are active on QQ or QQ space.
According to the Interests Report of the Post-95s which was jointly released by Tencent and CITY ZINE, 79% of the post-95s were active on QQ, the monthly gross of active users reached 290 million. It revealed that the Post-95s loved to share their moods and pictures in QQ space, an individualized personal homepage for QQ users, and were more open to new recreational products….

The 2.0 Version Social Network Preference for the Post-95s issued by Penguin Intelligence claimed that among the paid yellow diamond users, 40% were the Post-95s, and among the accounts that activated space decorative functions, 60% were the Post-95s.  
Yellow Diamond users are the nobles for QQ space, after payment has been made they are entitled to decorative tools for their space, larger storage volume for pictures, self-customized avatar icon, online video log recording, and virtual pets, to make their spaces individualized and unique.   
This is the revelation of their concept of consumption: preference for individualization and uniqueness.
Consumption Habits of the Post-95s: Preference for online payment and would love to pay for virtual products.
Paying by mobile and buying virtual products like emoticon have become conventional for the Post-95s. Those apps who are well aware this such as WeChat, Momo, and Weibo have already profited from peddling emoticons. For example, the emoticon mall of WeChat which has over 700 sets of emoticons, can make USD 300,000 /month income just by selling the emoticon authorization.   

The reason for the popularity of emoticons lies in it bridges the communication between the brands and the youth. For example, Nike designed a set of dynamic cartoon emoticons of Kobe Bryant with humorous wordings in context of his retirement, and spread it via Weibo. As expected it went viral by earning 3 million views and over 100,000 re-posts which significantly promoted the brand awareness and enlarged its fans base.
As the advance of mobile internet technology, the Post-95s are pioneering the new life style and consumption style. Your insights into their consumption behaviors will be the key for tapping into their demands.