M-Games a new driver for Social Network?

Games like Wearewolves, the Strike of the Kings, Onmyoji (the Yin Yang Master) has already become one of the most important ways of entertainment for the original inhabitants of digital era. Social communication is regarded as an integral part of games, we can say that the effect of amusement is partially attributed to social communication. Mobile phone edges over PC in terms of social communication, and the mobile games inherit this strength. 

Present Status: Games are becoming the new rising power in the wake of text, pictures, and videos.  
Compared with the passive receiving for pictures or videos, games demonstrate their strength in feedbacks, interactivity, and the ability to satisfy the users.
Source from http://36kr.com/p/5082615.html
Games and Social Media:
1. The paying female users
Chinese female users have the ability to pay and transmit, and more importantly they usually attract male users who will linger and make payments, thus a social relationship chain comes into being. For example, in Onmyoji, the first Chinese game that oriented to female users, women accounts for 46.4% of all users.
2. A social relationship requires no basis in reality
Games help to gather people who have common interest and allow them to do a specific task. For example, in Wearewolves, people argue with strangers by using gestures via webcams.    
Internet was considered an extension for our real social relationship in virtual world when it just came into our life, and now it is re-arranging the ‘social’ relationship and life of the young generation.