What is WSO?

Two new features were recently unveiled by WeChat Lab: “Search” and “Take a Glance”. The new generation of search and reading are based on more powerful and accurate crossing-data and its future is infinite.  
Function of WeChat Search
WeChat Search is not quite a search engine in the style of the traditional ones which we familiarized with. Rather, it’s an alternate vision of search, one that’s uniquely suited to a social media app. WSO can not only invoke data from Wechat, Moments, public platform, and other mini apps of WeChat components, but also can included data from other platforms such as Sogou Baike (encyclopedia), Zhihu (a knowledge and experience sharing site), and Tencent Entertainment. In other words, it is a versatile search tool. 
WeChat Search Interface:
Users can either opt to search all the available source or just confine to a single channel such as moments, or public account articles.
WeChat Search Optimization
Where there is a searching demand, there will be ranking competition which entails search optimization. Nowadays, searching doesn’t merely happened in search engines. For example, if we are iPhone users and need to download APP, we have to search in APP store. Those rank high will receive more clicks and downloads, and this makes APP Search Optimization indispensable. Taobao can be deemed as an enclosed system, but it also has Taobao SEO which optimize rankings of Taobao goods. Amazon and Youtube also can provide powerful searching service, and search optimization come along with it. Now Youtube has evolved into a ‘searching giant’, second only to Google.
WeChat, a social platform with 900 million users, has launched its searching service. It is obvious that WSO will be needed. Even it is hard to tell how much market shares WeChat searching can occupy, but it is always right to make plans ahead. Compare to Baidu and Google, the search optimizations we just mentioned are less complicated, and have less factors that can vary rankings. Those who are familiar with Baidu or Google SEO can easily master WSO.