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The Rise of Social KOL(Key Opinion Leader)marketing in China

When talking about China, it is not only about different market or unheard but giant digital platforms; the influencer marketing here is beyond your vision too and deserves more attention. It's called KOL not as in Kardashian but key opinion

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M-Games a new driver for Social Network?

Games like Wearewolves, the Strike of the Kings, Onmyoji (the Yin Yang Master) has already become one of the most important ways of entertainment for the original inhabitants of digital era. Social communication is regarded as an integral pa

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Wechat, Social Media Marketing

Negative views has accompanied WeChat Take-a-glance since its launching: many people considered the trial is a total failure as its feeds can hardly arise people’s interests. As the strong development momentum exhibited by its competitors: Headline

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Who is Reading Your Ads on the Screens?

Hey buddy, come back to earth. Nobody likes ads anymore. You have to do the following to make you ads appealing and acceptable to the potential customers.

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Values that Work-place Apps Brought Us

Social Networking Service for business and employment boasts high registration amounts as it is vertical to the field of social communication.

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WeChat Take-a-glance, Time is Running out

China’s social media have been experiencing a sustained and rapid development in recent years. Even the App Giants like Weibo and WeChat who have startling number of users can hardly monopolize the markets, people will alternate their use

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How WeChat Pay Stands Out?

The Chinese-produced instant messenger WeChat boasts high levels of both utilization rates and total time spent online by its admittedly majority Chinese users, and has changed the social communication behavior of our generation. The Q2 fina

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Emoticons!That's What the Post-95s Paid for

there was a saying: ‘the World is ours, yet it is ultimately belonged to the youth.’ Your insights into the Chinese youth will decide whether you can grasp the on-going decade-long opportunity of marketing.

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What is WSO?

Two new features were recently unveiled by WeChat Lab: “Search” and “Take a Glance”. The new generation of search and reading are based on more powerful and accurate crossing-data and its future is infinite.

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