How to do Q&A marketing in China

Q&A Marketing is growing as a vital part of marketing in China. It is an efficient promotional approach to build word of mouth, erase consumers’ concerns, and provide healthy engagement. 

Q&A platforms 
The mainstream Q&A platforms are Baidu Knows (Chinese:百度知道), 360 Wenda (Chinese:360问答), Soso Wenda (Chinese:搜狗问问), Zhihu  (Chinese:知乎), Tinaya Wenda (Chinese:天涯问答) and Sina iAsk (Chinese: 新浪爱问)
1)Baidu Knows(Chinese: 百度知道, is the largest Chinese language collaborative Web-based collective intelligence by question and answer provided by the Chinese search engine Baidu. As of nowadays, Baidu Knows has answered 320 million questions, with 380 million users search and acquire knowledge and information. It has vital influence and high authority. Users with their own demands are able to access promptly to their personalized Baidu Knows homepage to focus on their favored fields.
2) 360 Wenda (Chinese:360问答, is a collaborative knowledge sharing community provided by 360 Search, the users put their questions on it, and the other users with related professions, experience or expertise will answers those questions. If the answers are adopted as Satisfied Answer, the respondent acquires experience point or virtual gold coin offered by 360 Search. The high quality Q&A post will be indexed, making it convenient for others to search. 
3) Sogou Wenen ( is a Q&A community site owned by Sogou, similar to Baidu Knows, users can ask and answer questions, or search accumulated content. There is a strong sense of mutual aid atmosphere in the community, where fabulous Q&A posts are always found. As of now, Sogou Wenwen has solved 2.6 million questions.
4) Tianya Wenda:
Tianya Wenda, a Tianya Community subsidiary site, is a social Q&A site. It is a free community with large stock of information from all walks of life. Users with similar hobbies can communicate with convenience. It has around 110000 users. 
5)Sina iAsk:
Developed by Sina with the adoption of advanced intelligent interactive search technology, iAsk has polymerized vast source of information from all of the Sina channels, offering the users free services such as ask, answer and search questions, files downloading and entry sharing, etc. There is more than 100 million piece of information uploaded on Sina iAsk.
Launched on January 26, 2011,Zhihu is now the largest Chinese knowledge orientated question-and-answer website where questions are created, answered, edited and organized by the community of its users. In Classical Chinese, "Zhīhū" (知乎) means "Do you know?". Chinese-language internet users nowadays increasingly resort to Zhihu for expert knowledge and insights into various topics. The number of registered users of Zhihu had exceeded 65 million, among which higher education class accounts for 73.93%, making Zhihu an elite group featured Q&A site covering the fields of technology, commerce, culture and various other creative social sections. The philosophy of Zhihu is people-centered, producing massive high quality knowledge, experience and insights.
How to leverage Q&A site to promote your own website?
 Ask questions
Thinking in user’s perspective to find the questions they might have. To get answers, the ordinary users always prefer asking in the following way “where to find, where to buy, where I can, how, how much, the best”Be attentive to high valued key words that users might concern with, and use those key words in your prepared questions. 
 Answer questions
To answer users' questions, you should consider user searching habit,and answer questions in different roles, styles, and time period to enhance the engagement and trustiness from the users. In your answers, implant your products, service or brand mildly and in a modest way, and keep an eye on the keywords density. 
 Adopt answers
Answer in high quality make your answer as The Best Answer, which helps in great extent for good ranking in search engine. 
 Monitor results 
Track the results and keep adjusting and tweaking.