What Americans Need to Know: Baidu versus Google


According to the latest statistics, Baidu, as the largest search engine in China, owns 77.31% market share in 2017, while Google was ranking the fifth. In the global search engine market, Google leads all the way through with market share of 92.09%. Baidu vs. Google, one is the leading search engine in China and the other dominates the world. What is the difference between the two in SEO? This article will walk through the topic as follows:

1. Index and PageRank
Baidu is slower than Google in terms of Indexing. It takes time for Baidu, varying from days to months, to observe the new site. Conversely, Google indexes quickly, followed by an observation period before the stable PageRank forms. The new site, in opposite, easily acquires PageRank once it is indexed. 
2. Content Building
Baidu emphasizes more than Google in content publishing. Creating content in a continuous and regular basis will definitely help to swap positions and improve authority. If it fails in regular content publishing, the position is unlikely stable on Baidu.  
3. Backlinks
Both Google and Baidu values on backlinks, in particular Google stresses more on the quantity of backlinks, and Baidu favors the relevance of backlinks. It is not difficult to find out that all the high ranking sites on Google SERPs undoubtedly own large quantity of high inbound backlinks. Baidu will promote a specific site’s ranking if it has backlinks in high relevance.
4. Page Authority
Baidu is prone to homepage compared with Google. The homepage is more vital than regular pages, and the former has higher authority and the latter are with lower authority comparatively. It is significantly important to optimize homepage to acquire good ranking on Baidu. On Google, the authority of homepage and regular pages rely on their relevance to search engine user’s queries. There is possibility that the authority of regular pages is higher than homepage.
5. Baidu Own Sites
Baidu has constructed a series of its own sites, such as Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Share, Baidu Zhidao, and Baidu Forum, etc, and renders great authority to those sites, which always rank in top 3 in SERPs, whereas Google is quite a fair game player.
6. The Penalty
The extent of penalty from Baidu is heavier than Google: from drop of authority to deindexing, while Google hardly deindexes violated sites but occasionally drops their authority. There is little impact in terms of indexing on both Baidu and Google after the drop of authority, however, the keywords ranking is eliminated. Baidu usually takes shorter time than Google to retrieve authority with exception of deindexing, which makes it extremely difficult to remedy the damage.