The Four Kernels for Website SEO

As the continuous upgrade of search engine algorithm, SEO (search engine optimization) has become more and more challenging. From user experience to promotions outside the site, there are numerous factors that are needed to consider, however, the four core points are always of great importance to SEO.

Point No.1: Keywords
Picking the keywords doesn’t mean always pursuing the words with high search volume, because the intensified competition for those words will result in high cost and make your investment unworthy.

Point No.2: Meta title &Description
A suitable and compliant Meta Title and Description are crucial to SEO. They serve like a name card and first-hand information for the website. So it is important to summarize the essence of your website to the title and description in terms of the common searching practice of the users. Purposely put large amounts of unsuitable keywords in your pages are proved to be helpless to your optimization and at the same time may incur punishment like downgrading by the search engine. 
Point No.3: Website Content
Original and relevant contents are favored by all search engines, and are regarded as the one of the most important references for rating a website. Even forged original contents are much easier to be acquired, we’d rather take time and effort to keep creating original contents to earn lasting preference from the search engines.
To save optimization cost, we can make some pages that are composed of industrial information or news to facilitate original content to further enhance user experience. 
Point No.4: Building Inbound Links
Building inbound links is the most useful method for the optimization outside your website. Even search engines lower the weights of inbound links, those “active” links (those with traffic and interactions) can still bring weights and credibility to a website. Another prerequisite for a high quality inbound link is the diversity in link forms which will consume a considerable amounts of labors and resources to explore and test.
In this fast developing era of new media, there is no fixed methods to build inbound links, what we need to do is keep exploring. 

SEO is not simply a mechanical work and cannot be done in a short time. The co-founder of Dianshi, Mr. Stone, once said during a cyber-marketing forum: ‘Doing SEO's shouldn’t take short cuts by exploiting the loopholes that lie in the search engine." The fundamental purpose of Google engineers’ work is improving user experience and eradicating the websites which are incompliant with this principle. If you choose not to comply, it means you will be competing against all the Google engineers, some of the smartest guys in the world. You are destined to lose.