Is Your Website Being Eroded by Bad Backlinks?

Years before, a high-quality backlink could help to improve DA(Domain Authority), or even achieve a remarkable improvement for your ranking position as long as enough links were posted. This explains why more and more people joined the backlinks-posting army on the Internet. Some even hacked other websites to post bad links. As a result, many sites are full of bad backlinks. So what is a bad backlink and how does it affect websites?
    1. What is a Bad Backlink?
Baidu official implementation of bad backlink is identifying the posting of bulk links to irrelevant sites in a very short time through the use of group-sending tools. However, the sites are mostly small forums or information platforms with low DA. As search engines tightened regulation on collected sites, these kind of sites had already been tagged. If people keep using these tagged sites for their own publicity and posting links in bulks, they will certainly draw attention of the search engines.

    2. Common Bad Backlinks
Though search engines have already given an explicit definition for bad backlinks, they appear in various forms. Let’s see some common types of bad backlinks.
 (1) Links from Search Engine Results Page (fictitious backlinks)
It’s one of the most common types of bad backlinks. Most of the group-sending tools are making links this way which can produce voluminous amounts of backlinks in a short time. These kind of backlinks are so harmful that they may cause sites to be kicked out by the search engine.
 (2)Backlinks Produced When Checking the Site Rankings with Webmaster Tools
When webmasters check the site with platforms or tools, links are produced on the search result page.  Once they are indexed by the search engine, they would also be categorized as bad backlinks, but the links are temporary, so their impacts on a website is limited.
 (3)Bad Backlinks Produced in Bulk by Backlink Tools
It refers to the sorts of backlinks produced by group-sending softwares, auto-review tools, or any other tools that can automatically generate a lot of links.
(4) Backlinks from Junk Station Group
These produce illogical, valueless, and meaningless information by simply collecting and replacing the keywords of other sites’ contents, and then add hundreds of backlinks.
(5) Black Links
If a site is hacked and has lots of illegal links inserted, it will be kicked out of the index database, and if it is regarded as serious, the site cannot easily or quickly lifted the blocks enforced by search engines.
(6) Backlinks from Low-Quality News Sites
Low-quality news sites usually simply copy information from other news websites. It appears that they have abundant information and update frequently, but actually the sites are putting irrelevant or less relevant backlinks into the contents, which is strictly banned by Baidu. Once the rules are broken, the sites will be downgraded lasting from 1 to 10 months which will take a long time for the sites to recover their original status.
    3. Harms of Bad Backlinks
Generally, it takes time for search engines to identify bad backlinks. Before that, the link will be count into the ranking authority of the specific keyword. However, once a site is believed to be cheating with bad links, its DA is removed immediately. Though the purpose was to improve DA, the results turned out to be just the opposite.  They will take at least 3 months or more to recover from authority downgrading.
For example: CDRS had served a website whose Top 10 keywords rankings suddenly dropped 57%. We found 179 bad backlinks out of 2421 links, including 5% with erotic and gambling content and 3% with Ad suspicion. After we submitted 6 serious bad links to Baidu, its Ranking perked up by 3%.

    4. How to avoid Bad Backlinks?
Using high-quality backlink resources, do not simply go after quantities;
Keeping the backlinks building in order;
Monitor and check backlinks regularly;
Regularly eliminating bad backlinks;
Protecting the website from hackers.