The Common Technical Impediments for Baidu SEO II

We have elaborated how geological location of server and website navigation can affect our SEO performance in the previous article. In this article we are going to continue our analysis from the following three aspects:  
1. Duplicate Pages
w Importance:
Duplicate pages are very often to be seen during SEO. As they may cause down-grade by search engine, we shall avoid them from appearing too often.
w Common Problems
Some pages bear different URL in a Website, but the contents are almost or even totally the same.
w Negative Impacts:
Too many duplicate pages will be regarded as cheating by search engine, and your pages indexing and website ranking will be negatively affected accordingly. 
w Solutions: block your duplicate pages, and mark it for the attention of the web crawler.
2. Directory Hierarchy
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w Importance
Whether your directory structure is succinct and clear will have profound impact on page-indexing by Baidu.
w Common Problems
Some websites randomly create nested folder hierarchies without adequate planning, resulting in over-complication of their directory structure. Users then have difficulty locating the page they require as it is lurking somewhere deep inside the website.
w Negative Impacts
1)It is unfavorable for web crawlers to detect your pages as the directory structure is too complicated, so it is harmful for both your Baidu ranking and webpage indexing. 
2) Unfavorable for file management and maintenance
w Solutions:
Plan your directory structure in accordance with the web crawling rules and avoid to creating too many breakdowns in your directory.   
There are differences between Baidu and Google in terms of algorithm and web crawler rules, so we have to strictly comply with them to achieve the best Baidu SEO effect. For more SEO solutions please contact us:
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