The Common Technical Impediments for Baidu SEO I

Baidu is the mostly used search engine in China.
A data demonstrated that in H1 of 2017 Baidu occupied 77.2% of Chinese search engine market share and continued to be the No.1 search engine in China, while Google accounted for merely 1.7% of the market share and ranked No.5. In accordance with the uniqueness of Baidu, this article will elaborate how to avoid the common technical impediments of Baidu SEO via two examples.
1. Geological location of server
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w Importance:
Baidu has high requirements for uploading speed and stability of server. As server is the pre-requisite for whether a website can be successfully visited, its geological location is of great importance.
w Common Problems:
In order to pursue the unification of management or contents, many international brands opt for putting the Chinese Zone Website Server out of China.
w Negative Impacts
Theoretically, the physical location of server will not be treated differently by Baidu, however, as there are restrictions on network access in China, it may cause much longer data link and unstable webpage uploading speed which will have negative impact on Baidu ranking.
w Solutions:
Locate your server within China.
2. Website Navigation
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w Importance
Succinct and clear navigation allows users to quickly understand the main content and function of the website and obtain the contents they want, meanwhile, it also helps the search engine to have a better knowledge of the website structure.
w Common Problems
Many websites set navigation bar only on front page, however, after users visit a few pages, they have to keep going back till front page.
w Negative Impacts:
1) Unpleasant user experience will negatively affect re-visiting ratio and very likely it will have adverse impact on website or even on brand.  
2) Unfavorable for web crawling.
w Solutions:
By taking advantage of breadcrumb, add navigation bar to each webpage and allow users to conveniently switch to the pages they desired.
For next article, we will continuously analyze the common impediments for SEO from the perspective of duplicate pages and directory hierarchy.
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