A Huskie Plane fuels by SEO...

Leijun, the founder of MI Technology once said: ‘Even a pig can fly if it is in the middle of a whirlwind’. Now I would like to say ‘A puppy can fly when the aircraft is painted like a Huskie’. SEO can make your website traffic fly as well when your article hit a hot topic.

Recently, a flying Huskie surprisingly appeared in Baidu Hot Event ranking and media and media scrambled for re-post.
Normally, QYER.com, the first website who discovered the huskie aircraft and released the news via its official account of Weibo, would happily to see a surge of website traffic, but the reality suggested otherwise. Let’s take a glance of the result page of Baidu Search:

No trails was spotted from Top 3 display of Baidu, and even the fourth position, the top 4 Weibo releasing, failed to find the original article of QYER.com.

It feels devastated when the traffic surge you deserved is almost eaten up by others. Out of respect the media who benefit from it all stated the source of article. Well, when we think it another way, should no media compete for re-post, the huskie aircraft won’t be the focus. The original author earned fame and the re-post media won the traffic, the ‘SEO cake’ was shared.

Data from http://index.baidu.com
SEO enables traffic to fly, when the re-post by We-Media or News Media and earn desired ranking, traffic will surge during the life cycle of the hot event. 
So an article that facilitates SEO (What kind of articles will benefit SEO? Please contact us if you need SEO solutions) will have chemical effects when it is ignited by a hot event!