Baidu Launched ‘Hurricane Algorithm’

On 7th July of 2017 Baidu launched its ‘hurricane algorithm ‘which purpose was to crack down on the websites which collect contents in an unethical manner. Many website found that both the indexed pages and ranking dropped after the new algorithm took effect. The impact on SEO were remarkable, so only when the SEO practitioners fully understand the new algorithm and take corresponding actions, can they have better ranking.
So far, Baidu has updated its algorithm many times, each time with different purpose. Let’s recap the previous launchings:
1. Scindapsus Aureus algorithm: the version 1.0 went online in Feb 2013 which purpose was to remove hyperlink cheating behaviors such as the buying and selling actions by the hyperlink intermediaries
2. Pomegranate Algorithm:  went online in May 2013 which aimed to rectify the websites with large amounts of malicious Ads which negatively affected user experience. 
3. Ice Bucket Algorithm: from Aug 2014 to Oct 2016, five versions were launched. 1.0 was to fight against the sites with automatic downloading program and over placed Ads; 2.0 was designed against the behaviors of forcing users to log in and putting over-size ads on mobile pages; 3.0 was to stop the actions of forcing users to download or activate a app; 4.0 was to strike at the actions of impeding users’ access to contents with ads; 4.5 was to block the porn ads on mobile pages.
4. Skynet Algorithm: went on line in Aug 2016 with the purpose to crack down on the behaviors of stealing user privacy information.
5. Blue Sky Algorithm: went online in Nov 2016 which aimed to stop behaviors of charging for advertorial and catalog.
Compared with the previous algorithms, it is obvious to see that Baidu now pay more attention to the quality of contents. The content quality has already become the top priority. The better the user experience, the longer users stay with the website, and the search engine will respond friendly to the website.
According to the core demands of Hurricane Algorithm: support high quality website with original contents, cracking down on collecting websites, we can optimize the website contents as follow:
1. Create more contents that are insightful and valuable to users;
2. Stick with original and valuable contents, and pursue the quality not the quantity.
3. Combines our own innovative ideas into the original contents to create high-quality integrated contents.
4. Avoid from using content collecting software to update the websites.
Now we can concluded that SEO can hardly rely only on technical ways, we have to pay more attention to content qualities and user experience. In line with the new algorithm, we can surely achieve the results we expected by unrelenting efforts.