SEM: an Indispensable Marketing Tool

Chinese Search Engine Marketing exhibited strong momentum with its Ad revenue reached 79 billion yuan, around 12 billion USD, in 2016.
Search engine has already permeated into the daily life of Chinese netizens. By Dec 2016, the scale of users reached 600 million, among them 580 million are also mobile phone users, an 11.9% upswing than that of 2015. As anticipated by iResearch, the robust momentum will not wane in short term.

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The Biggest Advantages of SEM

I. Accurately capture your target audience as they search on their own initiative 
By Dec 2016, the usage rate of search engine by Chinese netizens was around 82.4%. Search engine has an incomparable advantage over the traditional media: the way that information is delivered. On search engine, users search the goods or service they need on their own initiative which indicates that they have demand or interest for the goods or service, so it helps marketers to accurately capture their target audience and improve marketing campaign effects. This explains why SEM is drawing attentions of advertisers.
II It gets effect instantly
Unlike the marketing channels that emphasis on long-term effect, SEM takes immediate effect. As long as you have a well-designed strategy and abundant budget, you will see an immediate upswing for traffic, click, and sales.
III Controllable Cost
You won’t pay for your ads unless someone clicks on it, in addition, Baidu has launched ‘Business Shield’ and IP blocking function to avoid losses resulting from malicious clicks
IV A perfect match with SEO
There is no conflicts between SEO and SEM. Actually SEO is an integral part of SEM, it is common to see that we do paid ads first (SEM) then strengthen it with SEO as the combination of which will enable the search engine to index us more quickly. With unrelenting efforts on optimization, in the next stage, SEO will start to manifest massive power; together with some paid ads we can harvest the traffic and conversions to the utmost.
In this internet era where online marketing is tend to be more accurate, vertical, and segmented, it is imperative for enterprises to make investment into SEM to achieve their marketing goals.