Wolf Warrior II tells SEM unqiueness in China

"Wolf Warrior II”, a Chinese Movie, heated up Chinese box office by hitting 100 million yuan in 4 hours after its first debut last month. Less than85 hours, it raked in a staggering 1 billion yuan! The Movie topped the world box office income of 127 million dollars as reported by US media on 30th July. With its smashing performance, the movie soon has become the hottest topic in WeChat Moments, however, in contrast to Chinese market, the box office performance in US is far from expectation. 

What behind the performance contrast is the difference that lies in the Internet Marketing Industry. Amazon, a world famous retail giant, holds humble market shares in China, and Facebook, a legendary social network leader, fails to find solutions for Chinese policies. The same rules apply for SEM (Search Engine Marketing), you can never copy your experience from SEM campaigns in Western Countries to China.  
1、Difference of Marketing Platforms
Google is the leading search engine outside China, and Baidu is the dominator within Chinese territory. This reality results in the different way of SEM operation. The measures you take to improve conversion rate on Google may not work on Baidu, and they may even backfire. In this case, businesses have to study the rules of Baidu before launch their campaigns in China, no matter how influential their brand are.
2、Language Difference

Chinese language has a profound history and its meaning will vary when you change the tones or pauses. There is a popular exam question for Advanced Chinese Language Testing:
Please explain the following sentences:
1.    Winter: Dress as many clothes as you can;
2.    Summer: Dress as less clothes as you can;
It is very simple isn’t it?  However, when we write it in Chinese the two sentences are exactly the same! Your only way to distinguish the difference is by the pauses when you read the two sentences.
3、Differences in users’ demand
 A well-known international brand, who boasts excellent sales performance and reputation for its encrypted USB flash disk in Western countries, spent a great deal of its budget to peddle the product via PPC(Pay per clicks) campaigns after they decided to crack Chinese market, however, their investment didn’t pay off as few people responded their commercials. That is because the Western consumers would rather pay extra amount for privacy and data security than pursue cost performance while their Chinese counterparts prefer just the opposite. So the higher cost becomes the constraint for the success of the product. However, should we could tweak our strategy from B2C to B2B, the result may suggest otherwise.
From the performance contrast of Wolf Warrior II to the difference of SEM, we can conclude that: In Rome do as the Romans do.