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How to do Q&A marketing in China

Q&A Marketing is growing as a vital part of marketing in China. It is an efficient promotional approach to build word of mouth, erase consumers’ concerns, and provide healthy engagement.

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Do you need an ICP license for your website in China?

ICP means Internet Content Provider. If you are considering expanding your business in China by setting up a website, it is necessary for you to know what ICP record and ICP license is, and whether your website needs them.

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What Americans Need to Know: Baidu versus Google

According to the latest statistics, Baidu, as the largest search engine in China, owns 77.31% market share in 2017, while Google was ranking the fifth. In the global search engine market, Google leads all the way through with market share o

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SEM: an Indispensable Marketing Tool

Chinese Search Engine Marketing exhibited strong momentum with its Ad revenue reached 79 billion yuan, around 12 billion USD, in 2016. Search engine has already permeated into the daily life of Chinese netizens. By Dec 2016, the scale of use

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The Four Kernels for Website SEO

As the continuous upgrade of search engine algorithm, SEO (search engine optimization) has become more and more challenging. From user experience to promotions outside the site, there are numerous factors that are needed to consider, however

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Is Your Website Being Eroded by Bad Backlinks?

Years before, a high-quality backlink could help to improve DA(Domain Authority), or even achieve a remarkable improvement for your ranking position as long as enough links were posted. This explains why more and more people joined the backl

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Comparison on SEM Bidding, DSP, Feeds, Ads Network in China

In 2017, China's online marketing was occupied by DSP and Feeds. Although existed for a long time, the two have just been popular in China for no long time but a few years, and they are favored by advertisers, becoming preferred option for m

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The Common Technical Impediments for Baidu SEO II

We have elaborated how geological location of server and website navigation can affect our SEO performance in the previous article. In this article we are going to continue our analysis from the following three aspects:

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A Huskie Plane fuels by SEO...

Leijun, the founder of MI Technology once said: ‘Even a pig can fly if it is in the middle of a whirlwind’. Now I would like to say ‘A puppy can fly when the aircraft is painted like a Huskie’. SEO can make your website traffic fly a

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Baidu Launched ‘Hurricane Algorithm’

On 7th July of 2017 Baidu launched its ‘hurricane algorithm ‘which purpose was to crack down on the websites which collect contents in an unethical manner. Many website found that both the indexed pages and ranking dropped after the new

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