TOP 10 social media apps in China (3)

This series of articles help you discover the prevailing APPs in China. This article, in particular, introduces the dominant search engine APP Baidu Mobile, and the tools APP Wifi Master Key, ranking at 9th and 10th in respective. Chinese are intensively immersed in mobile internet today, offering the growth environment for Apps like Wifi Mater Key. Backed by its strong search capabiliy in Mandarin, Baidu Mobile occupies an important position among Chinese users. 

Wifi Master Key

Launch time: September 2012
Type: Wifi sharing software
Brief Introduction:
Wifi Master Key offers the users connection to the ubiquitous Wifi hotspots without a login or password, its MAU has reached 310 million.
Function: Search and access to nearby Wifi hotspots without password.
Where to advertise:
If the advertisers has the requests on location, Wifi Master Key could deliver the ads precisely to users within given geo scope in ads format of in-feeds ads or banner.  

Baidu Mobile

Launch time: 2010
Type: Search engine on mobile end
Brief Introduction: Supported by the most popular Chinese search engine - Baidu, Baidu Mobile is now Chinese favorite APP, its MAU has hit 280 million.
1) Smart search: Search webpages, images, news, map, video, Q&A, encyclopedia, music, and articles.
2) Voice search/voice query: uses voice queries to attempt to obtain information such as weather, music, fairy, etc.
3) Image Search: people’s faces, animals, plants, book, language translation, and even homework, etc.
4) Personalized information:

Where to advertise:
The search Engine supports SEO optimization and SEM, on top of which placement of hot keywords, Ranking table, and a variety of banners are available.
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