Feeds AD May Become a Trend of Mobile Internet?

“Traditionally, search is a process that people seek for information, but now, the process goes conversely, it is shadowing people!” From the quick growth of Facebook to the rise of Headline Today, a mobile news app, feeds products and ADs have proved their potency with convincing data. Let’s know more about it.
According to the data from Qianzhan data base, in 2016, the market scale of feed AD in China was 332.57 billion Yuan, witnessed a 89.5% year-on-year increase. It was predicted that it will keep an over 50% growth for three years. The market scale will break through 140 billion Yuan by the year 2019.

The Growth of Feeds AD products:
There are a lot of feeds products, like Weibo and Tencent QQ from social field, and Headline Today and Yidianzixun from mobile news app field. Large user base and appealing income drive the development of Feeds Ad. For example, in four years, Headline Today has accumulated half a billion users and MAU reached 170 million. Meanwhile, its advertising revenue was 6 billion Yuan in 2016 and will be 15 billion in 2017 as expected.
The rapid rise of Headline Today even has impacts on traffic of Baidu’s search AD. In June 2016, Baidu, who has a large amount of users, also joined the trend of feeds AD. Baidu released Baijiahao and became a competitive participant in the feeds field. 
The feeds AD actions by these Internet giants also indicated a new trend of the mobile internet. However, Feeds Ad is confronted with technical challenges as it emphasizes on real-timeless, so its monitoring and data analysis must be in place. Advertising plans are frequently adjusted so you have to be sensitive to the interests of target users. Support from experts is also necessary to get the optimization. Finally, to achieve your goal of effect optimization, support from experts is indispensable.