WeChat Take-a-glance, Time is Running out

China’s social media have been experiencing a sustained and rapid development in recent years. Even the App Giants like Weibo and WeChat who have startling number of users can hardly monopolize the markets, people will alternate their use of media during the different time period. Under the circumstance of fragmented use of APPs, the pattern of social marketing is being varied. So if social media operators are not being dynamic with the trend and just stick to the conventional practices with WeChat and Weibo, sooner or later they will be seriously constrained.
Fail to cover all users
Even the aggregated user numbers are over 1000 million for the two giants, users still spend quite some time with the other apps. For example people may use Himalaya or Netease cloud music on their way to work, turn to douban or iQIYI during lunch break, and read Headline Today or Zhihu on their way home. 
Not diversified in content forms
From 2011 to now, Weibo marketing, WeChat marketing, live video marketing, and video-clip marketing sequentially exploded the social network, and this inspired marketers to keep innovating new contents and forms.
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How to rise above from others: Omni-platform marketing
In overseas, with the emergence of new social media such as Snapchat and Instagram, many brands started to adopt multiple-platform strategy by integrating short articles, long articles, video clips, pictures, Q&A, and live videos and releasing them to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Youtube to maximize the spreading effect.  

In China, the Omni-platform social media marketing matrix is now formed by WeChat, Weibo, Zhihu, Douban, Miaopai, Headline Today, Youku, BBS, Netease cloud music, live video, and other vertical platforms.
Domestic Omni-platform marketing matrix

How to plan Omni-platform marketing
1. Brand positioning and platforms selection
Only with accurate brand positioning, can the suitable social platforms be packaged and marketing strategies be worked out.  
2. Set proper proportion to content forms.
Brands shall positively adopt more engaging and effective ways of social communication in terms of brand positioning, e.g. Live Video is an effective mode for Automobile brands, and for some highly professional B2B enterprises, running a Zhihu official account with elaborately designed strategies is also a good option.   
3. Formulate an integrated strategy
The core of integrating Omni-platform lies in keeping the same pace for executing the marketing strategies in all the platforms. Planning, content designing and creating, group targeting, and time period must be well organized in a unified way to maximally gathering power and achieve the best possible marketing result.