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TOP 10 social media apps in China (3)

This series of articles help you discover the prevailing APPs in China. This article, in particular, introduces the dominant search engine APP Baidu Mobile, and the tools APP Wifi Master Key, ranking at 9th and 10th in respective. Chinese ar

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TOP 10 social media apps in China (1)

Analysys published the Top 1000 Mobile Applications List in November 2017. All of the Chinese top 10 social media apps own at least over 250 million MAUs.

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TOP 10 social media apps in China (2)

The series of articles help you find out the most popular Apps in China, in particular, this article brings in three video media Apps, ranking the 3rd, 4th and 7th respectively in the Top 10 App list, and dominating the online video market

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Trend of Mobile Search Platform AI is the catalyst, intellig

“In the search market, Baidu, 360 and Sogou who spanned PC, website, and WAP are competing neck and neck. The three search companies have one thing in common——they are all adjusting their strategic focus from mobile to AI.

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Feeds AD May Become a Trend of Mobile Internet?

“Traditionally, search is a process that people seek for information, but now, the process goes conversely, it is shadowing people!” From the quick growth of Facebook to the rise of Headline Today, a mobile news app, feeds products and A

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WeChat Take-a-glance, Time is Running out

China’s social media have been experiencing a sustained and rapid development in recent years. Even the App Giants like Weibo and WeChat who have startling number of users can hardly monopolize the markets, people will alternate their use

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