How to brand by product placement in Chinese films?

As for Chinese film industry, the past 2017 is another year of miracle, during which the industrial box office has exceeded 50 billion yuan, and it forecasts in no longer days that China is expected to turn into the No. 1 motion picture market worldwide. As of nowadays, traditional media is on the way of downhill with lower and lower TV watching rate, while the younger generations shift their main social attention onto dine together and watching films, which lays golden opportunity for the brands in great interests and intention on produce placement. 

On July 2011, Transformers: Dark of the Moon landed in China and drew tens of millions of audience to fulfill their nostalgia of childhood. The eyes-dazzling fighting effect has sink the audience’s whole-heart into the film. When the scene that a quirky scientist drinks a Shuhua milk in a lift comes, the cinema blowouts with guffaw. The Chinese audience has dual attitude without paradox towards the Shuhua milk placement. On the one hand, the consumers perceive it as stiff and shocking, while on the other hand, the apparent deadpan has evoked their laughter, not to say the scientist’s line grows in popularity for a while. 

Yet what the Chinese audience does not know is that the movie is filled with dozens of product placement, not limited to the four shown well-known brands. Dissimilar to other placed brands which few voice volume was detected, the milk brand Yili has called out fiercely both online and offline which proved to be utterly contributive: given few Chinese brands place products in Hollywood Blackout, Yili’s showup is eye-catching, on top of which, the drama effect of the bad joke is in accordance to be news and media’s tastes as perfect sources. Though someone watched the film criticizes the story and the brands’over placement, it indeed uplifts the brands’awareness and favor to the audience. 

For those international brands who intend to level up their awareness in Chinese market, it is a workable approach to leverage product placement in Chinese films. Since a variety of Chinese brands place their products in American films, Chinese audience are cultivated to be accustomed to the promotion. Meanwhile, the audience’s high expectation on the prosperity of domestic film industry has provided boundless opportunities for brands placement, accompanied by relative events marketing, a new viru is on the way to success. 

Product placement is technical as well as with long service chain, thus it is far more than logo exposure, and anyone who doesn’t agree with this might suffer from painful failure. Here are some suggestions below for your further consideration,

First of first, the market of TV drama is incredibly gigantic, it needs long time experience in it, accrue enough data and judge wisely to select your drama from mountains of counterparts that meets your target audience as well as satisfies the traffic requirement.

On top of that, incorporate the creatives subtly into the story, avoiding embarrassing placement is challenging but beneficial. The placement of the brand is just the kick-off, and the next step is to visualize the products features with a deep delve into the story.

Last but not the least, it is demanding in terms of communication efficiency and skills, as well as the alignment with the cast, and the incorporation of the client’s equities.