The Alibaba to Weibo A-Z Guide to China Digital Marketing(2)

This is a handy A-Z guide on things about digital marketing in China. Get a quick snapshot of all the key players and platforms relevant to marketers targeting China.

Brief Introduction
Foundation: Jan. 1st, 2000
Type: Search Engine
Position in China: The largest website and search engine in China.
Annual Turnover: RMB 70.54 billion (2016 Fiscal year)
Main Business:
1)Search engine service:The largest search engine in China with 77% market share.
2)Baidu Mobile: One of the top 3 Apps in MAUs. Its service matrix is consisted of Baidu Page Search, Picture Search, Baidu News,Baidu Zhidao, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Map, Baidu Music, and Baidu Video, offering great convenience for its users.

3)Baidu Map: Similar to Google Map, is a web mapping service developed by Baidu
4)Baidu Nuomi: A Baidu version restaurant-review and group-buying services
5)Baidu Finance: An internet finance service provider including consuming finance, online payment, financing products, internet banking, internet insurance, etc.
6)Baidu Tieba: The largest online community in the world.
7)Baidu Encyclopedia: The largest online Chinese Encyclopedia.
8)Baidu Zhidao: The largest online Chinese Q&A site.
9)Baidu Articles: An online article-sharing site.
10) Baidu Mobile Assistant: a Baidu developed APP Marketplace
11) Baidu Cloud: offered by Baidu, is a suite of cloud computing services providing a series of modular cloud services including computing, data storage, data analysis and machine learning
12)Baidu IME: a Baidu owned input method editor.
13)Baidu Browser: a Baidu owned Browser
14)Hao123: founded in 1999, acquired by Baidu in 2004, a popular Direct-industry Web Guide
15)Baidu Antivirus: a professional antivirus software service, the first one that applies the Deep Learning technology in the world.
16)Baidu Guard: system tool software is comprised of three primary functions PC speedup, system cleanup and Safety maintenance.
17)Baidu Doctor: a medical software connecting patient, doctors and hospitals by services such as Baidu Physician, Baidu Physician Workshop, Baidu Medicine, Clinical Treatment, etc.
18)Baidu Business: extended from the original search engine business, incorporating and merging additional service including data products, trade products, media service, credit service and consultancy.

To be continued