The Alibaba to Weibo A-Z Guide to China Digital Marketing(1)

This is a handy guide on things about digital marketing in China. Get a quick snapshot of all the key players and platforms relevant to marketers targeting China.
Alibaba Group
Brief Introduction
Foundation: Sep. 9th , 1999
Type: E-Commerce
Position in China: The global largest retail trading platform, the largest wholesale and retail trading platform in China.
Annual Turnover: RMB 158.27 billion  (2017 Fiscal year)
Main Business:
1. Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, the most frequently used online shopping platforms by Chinese consumers;
2. AliExpress -- a retail platform for global consumers;
3. 1688 -- a leading online wholesale platform in China;
4. Alimama -- an online marketing technology platform that provides marketing services on PC and mobile ends for sellers from Alibaba platforms;
5. Alipay -- provides convenient, fast, safe and reliable PC & mobile payment service for individual and enterprise users;
6. Cainiao -- Meets the logistics needs of China's online and mobile business.
App Store
Brief Introduction: App Store is a service application for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac. Users download apps developed for iPhone SDK or Mac from iTunes or Mac App Store. 
Type: Third-party App
Position in China: China is the second largest market for App Store

Brief Introduction:
Position in China: The most famous online platform for auto life in China.
Ad formats: Horizontal Banners, Feeds, Image&Text Ads
Target audience: Well-educated, well-paid young men
User coverage: The average daily users on PC is 10 million; Daily independent users on mobile is 9.4 million; Daily independent users on main App is 8.1 million.
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