What Shall We Do in A Time of Information Overload?

As the consumption upgrade driven by social and economic factors and the development of terminal network, the content related marketing is experiencing an upward trend. The success of Weibo and WeChat enables everyone to act like a news source which result in information overload. Large amount of information is screened out as ‘noises’ by users, so under this circumstance what measures we can take to avoid from being neglected by users?

1.    Capturing eyeballs, quality shall prioritize quantity  
In a World that is filled with data, information, and noises, the output information shall stand out with quality but not quantity. 
The explosive and eyeball capturing content is the trigger for going viral. A real high quality content will unconsciously promote brand value.
2.    To enlarge the content influence, let it flow.
The content you created and released on Internet could be indexed by Google. Users would repeat the process of discovering and reading it which keeps the content active and valuable.   
The impact can only be enlarged when the high quality content is widely distributed and flows in different channels.

3.    It requires unrelenting efforts to yield desired result
Some people presumed that large amount of traffic and sales lead can be easily acquired by writing a few articles, it is ridiculous and unrealistic. Rome cannot be built in a day. Content marketing is a process of ‘fine art’ which requires a great deal of time and efforts. It won’t be possible to achieve your desired results without enough accumulation.
4.    Convert users’ attention and trust to sales leads
Content marketing is an avenue to engage users in the long term. High quality content can capture more attentions of targeting demographics, and it is very likely to realize repeated purchasing.  A key for your content marketing is interactive and open to the users. A successful content marketing is to feed high quality content from users’ perspective and at the same time induce them to interact: voluntarily to discuss, and to spread ideas, thus a second time or multiple times of content display can be achieved.
Even the cost performance is high, 3 times better than the effect of traditional marketing with only 60% or less cost, it is subject to your insights into the Chinese media, netizen structure, and their preference and your ability to wield your marketing channels to their utmost effect, as well as long term yields of high quality contents to achieve the desired result.