Who is Reading Your Ads on the Screens?


1.     The gross amount of Chinese netizens equals to the population of Europe

China has over 1.3 billion people among them 731 million are netizens. This number equals to the gross population of Europe. In some developed areas, over 60% of the population use internet, while 40-60% are the average data for other areas. Most netizens located along the coast line of the Pacific Ocean, especially in the metropolises where most international brands competed.

2.Most netizens are eager consumers

The Chinese netizens demographic are from 10 to 39 years old which account for over 70%. Within this demographic, the majority are 20-29 years old. By referring to the age composition of Chinese population, the high school student demographic outnumbers all other netizen groups, and the preliminary high school and university student demographics are second to it. So we can say the Chinese netizens are comprised of students from almost all stages, the unmarried youth, and the young parents.

3.Most netizens left their trails in four network services

Most Chinese netizens are using the following network services: IM&Social communication, search engine, news feed, and video.
IM&Social communication: features WeChat and QQ of Tencent, as well as Weibo of Sina. The first two apps are similar to Whatsapp, and Weibo is the counterpart of Twitter.
Search Engine: Baidu monopolize the searching industry, 360 and ShenMa (mobile search) were left far behind.
News feed: Tencent news, Headline Today, Kuaibao, Netease news, and Sina news are the representatives.
Video: Tencent, iQIY, Miaopai, Youku, and Kuaishou are the main sources.
These websites or APPs boast tremendous amount of user data which enables brands to locate their targeting demographics.

4.What ads do Chinese people prefer?

Hey buddy, come back to earth. Nobody likes ads anymore. You have to do the following to make you ads appealing and acceptable to the potential customers.
Figure out the difference for marketing orientation: on the one hand, the international brands still has the halo of high-end products in China even though income is increasing for Chinese; this is what the brands can tap into. On the other hand, the Chinese are becoming pickier in terms of quality and service. 
Assign a local company to create the contents: because of the uniqueness of Chinese culture, it is a smart decision to let a Chinese advertising agency to create the contents on your behalf. Toyota, a Japanese automobile giant, had ever enraged Chinese consumers even the two cultures have many common grounds.
Appear at a proper time and in front of the right persons: the extensive mode of advertising has gone and will never return. Tools like search engine, new media, DSP, Information feeds and other innovative digital marketing forms can bring you more targeted consumers with less cost.