Trend of “Tik Tok Video”: Why Are Music Video Clips Popul

Music was once defined as ‘magnet’ for traffic. However, as we march into the age of mobile internet, music itself is not enough. Users are now seeking an audio-visual experience. From the first half of 2017, music video clips became the growth driver of the mobile video industry in China. Featuring young electronic music and hip-hop music, video clip App “Tik Tok”has swept social platforms and initiated a blazing trend“.

The Tik Tok Trend Opens a Door for Mobile Video Industry
This year, the monthly gross number of mobile video users in China has approached one billion. Video-clips themselves contributed to a 58% rise in user numbers year-on-year.
By displaying these playful and inspiring video clips on music shows, Tik Tok soon reached and won the heart of the young users. In China, the Tik Tok that was incubated by Headline Today has a stronger developing momentum. It becomes the hottest part of major social platforms and soon leads the trends. According to App Rankings of Q2, 2017 posted by Jiguang Big Data, Video clip App “Tik Tok”is closely followed Kwai, Meipai, and Watermelon Video, the leaders of the industry, ranked No.4.

As “Tik Tok Videos” Became a Fashion, What Are the Advantages of Music Video Clips?
1. it’s easy to be created and everyone can be your audience. To make a music video clip, you can simply extract it from music shows. So it’s much easier than making an ordinary video clip. For example, a music video clip named Time which was produced by a contestant from music show The Rap of China easily gained 10-million more clicks.
2. It’s more likely to go viral. Music video clips are accelerating their spreading speed on major platforms. High-quality music video clips plus BGMs from Apps like Tik Tok equal a powerful magnet for traffics. This makes the music video clips very likely to go viral.

Generation Z ---- Potential Users
In order to realize conversions from traffic, singers and musicians are seeking cooperation with video clip platforms by uploading their music works to draw attentions of users. For instance, Tik Tok has already cooperated with many popular singers including some contestants from The Rap of China.
There is no doubt; the rise of music video clips realized the needs of Generation Z: individualization and entertainment. As music is a special content vehicle, it reduces the level of difficulty to cultivate the loyalty of post-95s.
As Internet users are becoming younger and are seeking more individualized contents, video clips brought great opportunities to content industry with its audio-visual enjoyment and easy participation. However, the competition for content and young users has just started.