Live Video plus E-commerce=Chemical Effect?

In China, the new business mode of live video plus e-commerce has been praised highly by the young generation. On the 100th days of the launch of Taobao Live Streams, the online celebrity, Zhang Dayi conducted a live show of his new products in his Taobao Shop. The live video strikingly attracted 400,000 viewers, gained over 1 million likes, and made 20 million yuan with a per customer transaction at 400 yuan.
Why do people opt for live video? This is because user demand has changed, the concept they purse has varied, and time has become more fragmented. So what advantages do the live video have for E-commerce?


I  Constitute new shopping context and pathway to improve sales efficiency and conversion rate
For consumers, live is more realistic and vivid than photoshopped images and MeituPic (a picture beautifying app).
For example, the live broadcasts of fruit picking in orchard helps to show that the fruits are fresh, and indicates where the origin is. The real and vivid live video can stimulate consumers’ desire for shopping and expedite sales.   
II. Promote user experience by adding social behavior and heightening shopping atmosphere.
Live broadcast is a kind of social behavior, the ability of which is to gather the scattered groups of people who have common interests and help e-retailors to reach their target market.
At the same time, the mode fills the gap of lacking shopping atmosphere in traditional online retail store. It created the atmosphere by allowing viewers to participate and interact, then users adhesiveness will be enhance.   

III. Add values to online shopping
Value added service such as provide dressing guidance for consumers can both satisfy the users’ needs and maximize traffic conversion.  
The integration of live video and e-commerce has overthrown the traditional display platform. It allows consumers to get more information about product quality and provides e-retailers a new approach for marketing.