Tap into Your New Gold Mine—Mini-program of WeChat

WeChat Mini-program is a B2C portal that offers a platform for some premium quality service suppliers. As it is designed for time saving, users can access the service programs directly from WeChat without any application installation.
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Though WeChat boasts huge amounts of traffic, how could we stimulate users’ desire for shopping? As of July 2017, e-commerce related functions were frequently released by Mini-program. So are there any new rules for social e-commerce of Mini-program? 
1. Availability of coupon function: avail of social platform traffic to realize conversion.
For users the instant available features of the mini-program do bring convenience to them, however, for e-retailers, as users will exit the program after a transaction they are unable to keep engaging the users.
On 27th 2017, the Mini-program made the social coupon functions available which had filled the gap of lacking user engagement via the social communication strength of WeChat.
When you complete a deal with Mini-grogram, you will receive a certain amount of cash coupon which will be automatically transferred to ‘My Coupons’, the next time when you buy anything from Mini-program you can redeem your coupons, so this attracts the users to keep coming back to the Mini-program.
2. Combination Blow: Mini-program plus Public Account=CPC ad in articles of public account. 
E-commerce function can be realized when you bond WeChat Public Account with Mini-program, so it is an added value to its feature of contents medium. Public Account CPC (cost per click) ad means WeChat inserts ad into articles issued by WeChat Public Account. The system will match the article with appropriate ads via the Big Data.    
For e-commerce platforms, the Public Account CPC ad will be more favorable for their Mini-program store to attract traffic. For content startups, they can avail of their high-quality and useful contents to attract viewers and lead them by the embedded CPC ads to their Mini-program stores. 
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