China DR Solutions

CDRS (China DR solutions) –was founded in 2006. Our core purpose is to help companies manage their digital marketing and campaign optimization.
More than 10 years of professional experience in providing digital marketing services.
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We are trusted by world famous brands and recognized as digital marketing experts. Managing accounts with millions of dollars of budget and traffic.
Our clients are involved in a variety of industries such as consumer electronics, communications, industrial equipment, tourism, etc.
Some of our clients: 
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我们的语言优势:Our advantage of providing multi-language service

CDRS’ teams reside in China and the United States.
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CDRS (China DR Solutions) was founded in 2006 by Mr. Zhao Yao. The CDRS team is comprised of a group of marketing experts from the United States, China, and Russia.
The company is committed to provide professional and targeted marketing efforts to companies in the U.S., China, and many other Asia Pacific (APAC) markets. Our goal is to help promote their brand awareness, improve conversions, and realize their return-on-investment (ROI).
Some of our services have been provided to many internationally renowned companies, but not limited to Intel, HP, DANAHER, Samsung, and Lenovo. 

Mr. Zhao was awarded his MBA from the University of Wyoming in 1997. He has served many world-famous companies since graduation. As of 2006, he started his business of helping international brands to crack the Chinese Market. 

As enthusiastic for mountain climbing and exploring, Zhao Yao manifests the sprits of a real explorer: pragmatic, aggressive, and adventurous. Thanks to his service experience for Intel, HP, Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Fluke, in the past decade, Mr. Zhao successfully has helped many international brands grow bigger and stronger in China.  

CDRS boasts a team of experts specializing in SEM (including both Paid Media & SEO), feeds ad, social media marketing, and integrated marketing. Our working language includes: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian. CDRS has a vigorous and innovative team dedicated to offering top-rate digital marketing solutions to achieve your objectives.

About Us

CDRS boasts a team of experts specializing in SEM (including SEO), feeds ad, social media marketing and operation, and integrated marketing.

The team has been working with the world leading enterprises from various industries such as computer hardware, precision instruments, medical apparatus and instruments, finance, and tourism and accumulated abundant digital marketing experience.