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Marketing Insights

How to brand by product placement in Chines

As for Chinese film industry, the past 2017 is another year of miracle, during which the industrial box office has exceeded 50 billion yuan, and it forecasts in no longer days that China is expected to turn into the No. 1 motion picture mark

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Live Video plus E-commerce=Chemical Effect?

In China, the new business mode of live video plus e-commerce has been praised highly by the young generation. On the 100th days of the launch of Taobao Live Streams, the online celebrity, Zhang Dayi conducted a live show of his new products

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Social Communication

Wechat, Social Media Marketing

Negative views has accompanied WeChat Take-a-glance since its launching: many people considered the trial is a total failure as its feeds can hardly arise people’s interests. As the strong development momentum exhibited by its competitors: Headline


Wolf Warrior II tells SEM unqiueness in China

Wolf Warrior II tells S[..]

"Wolf Warrior II”, a Chinese Movie, heated up Chinese [..]

What Live Video brings to E-commerce?

What Live Video brings [..]

In China, the new business mode of live video plus e-com[..]

A Retrospect of Mobile Payment in China

A Retrospect of Mobile [..]

Fumble your mobile phone in your pocket or bag, scan the[..]

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Do you need an ICP license for your website

ICP means Internet Content Provider. If you are considering expanding your business in China by setting up a website, it is necessary for you to know what ICP record and ICP license is, and whether your website needs them.

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SEM: an Indispensable Marketing Tool

Chinese Search Engine Marketing exhibited strong momentum with its Ad revenue reached 79 billion yuan, around 12 billion USD, in 2016. Search engine has already permeated into the daily life of Chinese netizens. By Dec 2016, the scale of use

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Trend of “Tik Tok Video”: Why Are Music

Music was once defined as ‘magnet’ for traffic. However, as we march into the age of mobile internet, music itself is not enough. Users are now seeking an audio-visual experience. From the first half of 2017, music video clips became the

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Mobile Trend

TOP 10 social media apps in China (3)

This series of articles help you discover the prevailing APPs in China. This article, in particular, introduces the dominant search engine APP Baidu Mobile, and the tools APP Wifi Master Key, ranking at 9th and 10th in respective. Chinese ar

Successful Cases

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A B2B Website for Ink-jet Printing Machine

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A B2B Medical Equipment Website

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A Measuring Instrument Brand of World Top 5

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A World Top 500 Measuring Instrument Produc

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